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My name is Maytham Alzayer, and I'm both a Materials Engineer and a Design Engineer.

I'm passionate about creating innovative products and improving current consumer goods to fit users' needs. I enjoy being in an interdisciplinary work environment, because it allows me to be involved in each phase of a project and learn from my teammates' strengths.

My work so far has revolved around human-centered product design, materials selection, and academia.

I got my B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Northwestern University on June 2020, and I'm pairing it with a Manufacturing & Design Certificate to propel my design career forward!

Northwestern University - Class of 2020

Photo credits: Sean Su


I'm available for full-time and part-time opportunities as a Product Designer, Design Engineer, Materials Engineer, Researcher, and more.

Skills & Expertise

Machine Shop (Mill, Lathe, Waterjet, CNC router, and more); Prototyping & 3D printing; 3D CAD (SolidWorks, KeyShot, Blender); Metallurgy & ICME


Chicago, IL — Willing to relocate.

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